All Children Can Achieve


Welcome from the Head of Burlington House Senior School

Throughout my career, one observation has guided me more than any other: that pupils will show you their strengths if you let them. 

This philosophy shapes everything we do here at Burlington House Senior School. We are a small school, absolutely jam packed with ideas, ICT, initiative, intelligence and integrity, allowing us to nurture strengths and support areas of difficulty for each individual pupil. Our specialist staff guide our pupils through the demands of the curriculum with ingenuity and enthusiasm, and our Enrichment Curriculum ensures that our pupils have ample opportunities to experience success in a wide range of skills, allowing confidence to grow.

Our pupils come from all over Greater London, but have been brought together as a result of their shared specific learning needs. As they feel supported here, they are, in turn, supportive of each other, despite differences in terms of learning style, background, culture and educational experience. The opportunity to stay with us through Prep School and Sixth Form also provides hugely valuable continuity of experience and support.

I look forward to welcoming you to the school.

Matthew Potger