All Children Can Achieve

Prep School Curriculum

At Burlington House School our curriculum is unique in its offering, being mainstream in structure yet specialist in nature. It provides pupils with unique learning profiles personalised support tailored to their learning needs, alongside opportunities to unlock their strengths and thrive. Our all-through curriculum delivers a pathway to success for pupils from ages 7 to 21 across our Prep, Senior, and Sixth-Form sites. 

Our school community is built on a deep knowledge of our pupils as individuals. Exploring the passions and interests of the young people we work with each day is at the core of our curriculum. Specialist teaching is supported by assistive technology in the classroom, the targeted use of intelligent assessment, as well as therapeutic and academic intervention. This allows us to identify gaps in pupils’ understanding or knowledge and accelerate progress. Our strong extra-curricular offering helps build self-belief and broaden horizons. 

Burlington House School’s ambition is that whenever our pupils choose to leave us they do so as confident individuals who are prepared to become engaged and active members of their communities. We want our young people to be empowered through their time with us and encourage them to build habits to become life-long learners through the valuable experiences offered at Burlington House School.

Our Prep-School curriculum is designed with support and nurture in mind. Early intervention and theraputic provision is paired with cross-curricular exploratory learning and a strong extra-curricular offering. Our pupils are encouraged to build confidence in themselves and independence in their learning.