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The purpose of humanities education at Burlington House School is to impart core skills within our learners, develop their social, moral, spiritual and cultural education, and to provide extra-curricular opportunities and experiences outside of the classroom.

We aim to foster a passion for our subjects which extends beyond their time with us. We pride ourselves on delivering memorable experiences which challenge our pupils with new perspectives and high expectations.

We plan and deliver our lessons using visual, kinaesthetic and interactive teaching methods and make full use of assistive technology to enable all of our learners to reach their full potential. Our role is to make sure our pupils leave us with a deeper understanding of the world around them and their place within that world. Burlington House School learners are challenged to keep an open and enquiring mind and to be active and informed citizens.

Learners in our Prep School will study a broad humanities curriculum which covers a range of engaging themes in History, Geography and Religious Studies. Learners are encouraged to make links between these topics and their wider learning in other areas such as the literacy curriculum. Through multi-sensory exploratory learning, pupils will be prepared with the knowledge and skills needed to explore and tackle the world’s big questions.

In Year 7, pupils will study History, Geography, and Religious and Social Studies (R.S.S.) each week as separate subjects.

In History pupils build important skills working with sources to investigate topics such as the Black Death and the Norman Conquest. In R.S.S. pupils study the core beliefs and practices of World Religions and complete a unit on Identity. In Geography, investigations into Weather and Climate and Human Settlements are used to build experience of mapping, graph-work and fieldwork skills.

Parent Portal

Parents can find specific curriculum information in their child’s termly ICM reports. These can be accessed via the Parent Portal: