All Children Can Achieve

Physical Education

PE at Burlington House Prep School aims to create enjoyable and fun experiences by providing a wide and extensive range of sports and opportunities for exploration. The adventures we offer through play are aimed at creating engaging physical activities which lead to lifelong participation and are designed to have a positive effect on the health and wellbeing of our pupils.

Physical Education lessons are planned in collaboration with the on-site occupational therapy team. This allows all specialists to work towards the individual needs of each pupil. Where possible, activities take place at specialised venues to facilitate certain activities.

Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4 Physical Education accounts for three hours of each pupil’s timetable. This curriculum aims to develop the motivation to exercise independently through exposure to offsite facilities where possible.

Our structure provides an opportunity for pupils to develop their social skills and work outside of an academic environment whilst undertaking their GCSEs.

Our termly curriculum includes:

  • Autumn Term – Large ball games, Team building activities.
  • Spring Term – Badminton, Trampolining
  • Summer Term– Tennis, Striking and fielding games, Fitness Training (Health Club access).

Lessons are planned in collaboration with the Occupational Therapy team to ensure that the syllabus benefits those who require development of coordination and movement patterns.

All pupils will benefit from a single lesson of our well-being unit, Mindful Movement, which will offer pupils an opportunity to take part in gentle activities such as ‘walk and talk’ at the local park, yoga, meditation and other low-stimulus activities. This session will teach each pupil how to connect their mind to their body and experience a positive way to regulate both physically and mentally.


Pupils are able to choose Physical Education as a GCSE option in Year 10.

The GCSE PE OCR Specification is divided into 3 components which are assessed internally and externally:

  • Analysis of Performance (Coursework) Internally assessed (10%)
  • Two practical sports – Internally assessed (30%)
  • Two 60 mark written examinations – Externally assessed (60%)

Due to the nature of the syllabus being 70% theoretically weighted, the 4 weekly lessons will focus on developing content knowledge. It is expected that pupils will undertake their preferred sports in their own time outside of school to achieve the required standard. Some sports will be facilitated by the school such as Badminton and Table Tennis.

Course suitability – We advise those who are considering GCSE PE as an option, to be playing regular competitive sport for a club outside of school in at least one sport. Keeping a log book of any friendly or competitive matches will help to maximise their practical grade.