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Performing Arts

Performing Arts at Burlington House School brings Music and Drama together, with an emphasis on building confidence and skill through performance. Performing Arts forms an invaluable part of our strategy for developing pupils’ communication skills, reasoning, literacy and self-confidence. It’s also great fun!

Performing Arts lessons focus on the school’s commitment to multi-sensory learning. Emphasis is placed on practical activities and performance, developing each pupil’s skills and confidence through working creatively, reflectively and spontaneously.

The Performing Arts Department is made up of Ms Leah, Miss Blasco Garcia and Ms Bridgeman . They are supported by a skilled group of specialist peripatetic teachers who offer individual lessons in a range of instruments including piano, guitar, drums and singing, as well as drama improvisation workshops.

The department also offers extra-curricular activities, such as Theatre Club, Improv Enrichments and workshops by a variety of Theatre companies such as Paper Birds, Frantic Assembly and RSC. Information Communication Technology plays an integral part in all areas of the performing arts.

Key Stage 5

At Key Stage 5, pupils can choose Drama as an option for A-Level.

They follow the RSL exam board which is made up of technical and performance units, some being internally and externally assessed. Pupils have the opportunity to explore Physical Theatre, Acting for Camera, Drama in the community and Practitioners. This specification builds on subject content which is typically taught at Key Stage 3 and provides a suitable foundation for the study of Drama at either AS or A Level. In addition, the specification provides a coherent, satisfying and worthwhile course of study for learners who do not progress to further study in this subject.

Performances throughout the year.

​Christmas production

​Forest of the Imagination
​ Year 13 final performance

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