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What is this subject about?

Photography, Lens and Light Based Media

The importance of images and visual media in contemporary culture is changing what it means to be literate in the 21st century. Today’s society is highly visual, and visual imagery is no longer supplemental to other forms of information. New digital technologies have made it possible for almost anyone to create and share visual media.” Are we able to critically view, use and produce visual content? How do we engage in a visually-orientated society?

This exciting and varied course will help you develop your photographic skills to the next level. The A Level courses allow you to continue to work on projects specific to your interests showcasing new skills and techniques. Each unit of the course asks you to focus on experimenting and pushing these ideas in different ways. Your projects will be developed to give you the opportunity to evolve as a Photographer perhaps with a view to progressing onto an Arts based Foundation course.

How is the course structured and graded?

Component 1:

Personal Investigation – We will study the practical skills, critical thinking and theory of photographic image making so that you can develop an appreciation for composition, perspective and lighting, as well as learn how to critique an image. We will teach you how to use software for experimental image manipulation; how to analyse imagery; camera skills, such as how to apply aperture, shutter speed; use of SLR equipment; depth of field and exposure on location and in the studio; and lighting techniques for daylight and artificial lighting. Students will also be required to complete a short critical and contextual personal study inspired by photographers of their choice, presented in both written and visual form. This will include contextual references from books, journals, websites and gallery visits.

Component 2:

You will research a selected theme set by OCR exam board and develop ideas for a final outcome in a fifteen hour timed examination at the end of the A Level year in Year 13.

Will this course be suitable for me?

This course will suit anyone who has a passionate interest in photography or who is considering a career in which the power of the image rules. If you are keen to experiment and enjoy taking photographs then this is the ideal course for you. You will need to own a digital SLR camera.

What could this course lead to?

This course will be of particular interest to those intending to present a portfolio at interview for work in the art and design field, or for entry onto an Art College Foundation course. Have you considered a BA Honours degree in Photography, Photo-Journalism, Forensic Photography or Fine Art Photography? Or a career in web design, advertising, marketing and social media?