All Children Can Achieve


Welcome from the Head of Burlington House Prep

From an early point in my teaching career, I realised that not every child learns in the same way or at the same time. Just like popcorn kernels don’t all ‘pop’ at the same time, there are those children that require a different approach to learning. Whether there is a specific learning difference or not, all children can benefit from a learning environment where their strengths are encouraged and celebrated, and their challenges are supported by a dedicated staff.

Early intervention is key for those children who are struggling to read, write or understand mathematics and our aim is to support and encourage the children on their learning journey.

Having taught in mainstream and specialist independent primary schools, as well as internationally, I have witnessed the importance of a nurturing environment where a child feels understood and ready to learn. Self-belief, confidence, the ability to reflect on mistakes, resilience and having a growth mindset are just some of the foundations of a child’s learning.

I envisage every child to be on a journey at Burlington House School; not every child will reach the same destination at the same time but we will help them to discover their unique strengths at their own pace.
Come and visit!

Nicola Lovell